THE book for independent community pharmacy

I attended a training seminar today where we had a fascinating speaker named 

True Alignment by Edgar PapkeEdgar Papke. His presentation revolves around Alignment. In the presentation, he discussed that at any businesses core, there are one of six predominant purposes that the business strives to serve. I will post that list later, but one of my biggest takeaways from the presentation is that independent community pharmacies need to choose which purpose they will serve in order for the business to survive. ascinating individual and you can find out more about him here.

Edgar has a book coming out soon – I would highly recommend any independent pharmacy owner to pre-order it now. 


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Tiger Woods – epic fail? Hmmmm….

I have been wanting to write a rebutall to my on-line friend, Lance Wilkerson’s, blog post about Tiger’s “failure” at the PGA Championship last week and in Tiger’s own other-worldy goals, a failure for the 2009 season. Lance is correct. Tiger measures himself on how he plays in the majors. And since he did not win one this year (and, GASP, got cut from one!), it would be a failure not to meet your own goals. However….

I preface the rest of this post with the mea culpa that I am a completely Tiger fanboy. As I am sitting here watching him make a tremendous comeback at the Barclay’s (just moved to a tie for second, up from a tie for 7th to being the day), I started thinking about the unreal stats Tiger has posted this weekend. There, I present the following for your review…

FedEx Cup Points – Tiger leads this & is obliterating the field. He has 3,431 points and leads second place (Steve Stricker) by 1,276 points. To find that big of a difference, Steve has this point lead on the THIRY SIXTH place in the field. Amazing.

Now, let’s look at earnings this year. Mind you, Tiger has only played in 13 events, 5 less than second place (Stricker again). Tiger is outpacing Stricker again by $3,488,077! To put this in prespective, to see who Stricker (again second place) is outpacing by the same amount, you have to drop down to 102nd place, Matt Bettencourt. The difference between first and second place on the money list is the same as the difference between SECOND and ONE HUNDERED SECOND!

Moving on, let’s look at tournaments won, # of top 3s, # of top 10s, # of top 25s, and cuts made. For argument’s sake, I am taking the top 10 players in the FedEx Cup Standings:



Player Events Played Cuts Made 1st 2nd 3rd Top 10 Top 25


Tiger Woods 13 12 5 1 0 11 12


Steve Stricker 18 15 2 1 1 8 13


Zach Johnson 21 17 2 1 1 7 12


Kenny Perry 20 20 2 1 0 7 11


Lucas Glover 22 18 1 1 1 5 11


Phil Mickelson 14 12 2 1 0 6 6


Y.E. Yang 19 15 2 0 0 4 10


Geoff Ogilvy 16 15 2 0 0 4 8


Brian Gay 21 15 2 0 0 4 7


Sean O’ Hair 19 15 1 1 0 6 11

Can we all just agree that Tiger has had a heck of year in 2009? Stat analysis to follow….

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The Livescribe Pulse Pen — is it really worth it?

First off — two posts in seven days! Huzzah!

Secondly, to answer the question above – YES, YES & YES! And let me tell you why…

You can find a lot of information about the pen on their wesbite. A ton of great examples are given there. I was turned onto the pen by pharmacy technology guru Bill Felkey (even though he has a degree from IU, I still like him) through an article he wrote for one of the pharmacy journals. He has a couple of links about the Livescribe here and here.

The reasons why I LOVE this product:

– The pen transcribes what you write into your computer where you can save your notes as an image file. This really is not that impressive, since there are a bunch of pens on the market that do this. And, you have to buy the “special paper” since the pen uses IR (I think?) technolgy to capture your writing. However, Livescribe now gives you the option of being able to print out your own paper, if you want. Also, the paper is not that expensive. Obviously, this is NOT why I love this product over the other ones on the market.

– While you are taking notes, you have the option of recording what you are hearing while jotting down the notes. OK, so now we are getting into the awesomeness of this product. When you sync the pen to the computer, it matches up the recording session to the notes. Cool, huh? Wait, there’s more!

– Once you have synced the notes and the recording, you can now click on your notes on your computer and the software automatically syncs up the time of when you were writing something down to what you heard when you wrote that note down. Now that’s awesome! So, if you are going over your notes and don’t understand why you wrote what you did, you simply click on that area of the text and the recording starts playing at the time of when you wrote that note. If that was it, that would be awesome, right?

– So, let’s say you are not at your computer and you are reviewing your notes on paper. Say you got 5 pages of notes. About half way through, you forget why you wrote down that particular note. You remember that this was talked about somewhere in hours 5 to 7 of your meeting/seminar/class/whatever. That’s bad, right? Now you are going to have to listen to the whole recording on the pen to find that part of the talk. WRONG! You activate a program called “paper replay” ON THE PEN, tap on your PAPER notes, and the recording begins at the point of where you wrote the note down. COOL! You even have controls on the paper that let you fast forward, rewind and bookmark the recording.

– Lastly, there has been software developed to transcribe your written notes into a type-written document. As expected, the transcription is not perfect, but it gets about 75-80% of my terrible handwriting correct. What’s neat about the program is that it brings up two “panes” – one on the left showing your handwritten notes and one on the right showing the software’s transcribed notes. This allows you to edit your document on the fly, without even having the hard copy in front of you. The software is an additional charge (around $30), but I was in Target yesterday (yes, you can get this item and accessories at Target) and the boxes had labels offering the transcription software for free!

Cruise on over to the livescribe web site for more info. Outside of my computer(s) and iPhone, this is easily the most useful piece of technology I have picked up in quite a while. I picked up the 2 GB version ($299) and I think it is worth every penny. Target had a small price reduction on the pens yesterday (for 2 GB, down to $279 and for the 1 GB, down from $199 to $179). I don’t know how long that sale will last.

Till next time!

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Wow… has it really been 5 months?!?!

Can’t believe my last post was 5 months ago. My, how time flies. Well, to all my “rabid fans” (yeah, right) of this blog, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get this thing back up and running for 2009. Much is going on in my personal, professional & family life that I think some might benefit from my insights and witty comments. Just my little way of giving back to the world. 😉

My plans for this blog include:

  • Updates on my favorite iPhone Apps
  • What is happening in the world of pharmaceutical compounding
  • My new goals of losing weight using NutriSystem and Wii Fit
  • Gadgets that I have found to make my life easier, especially one of my new toys: the Pulse Smartpen
  • Trapshooting and the trials and tribulations of the Amatuer Trapshooting Association and the Indiana Trapshooters Association
  • Crazy things that are happening in the family

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I wish you and your a prosperous 2009!


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Trapshooting – Why not read the rule book?

So, I frequent a web board called As some of you might know, my main hobby/sport is trapshooting and I am currently the President of the Indiana Trapshooters Association

On to my rant. I don’t think I know of any other sport that I have ever participated in where the participants have such an utter lack of knowledge of the rules. Today alone, I responded to two posts about rule questions that are clearly spelled out in the Amateur Trapshooting Association‘s rule book. Heck, even the sport’s publication, Trap & Field, publishes a monthly column talking about 1-3 rules and the situations that can arise from them. 

Why doesn’t anyone take the time to familiarize themselves with the rule book? I would understand if it was tough to get, but each shooter receives a copy when they become a member and it is readily available on the ATA’s website. Is it just apathy or lack of time? Who knows, but it sure is frustrating that a high percentage of our participants don’t know the rules of the sport that they are taking part in. Oh well…..

Until next time….

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Computers – iPhone Cut & Paste on the way? And other apps…

According to cNet’s iPhone AppRoll, the developer Proximi has developed MagicPad, which they tout as the first rich text editor for the iPhone. It will have, among other things, multiple fonts, different font sizes, underlining and CUT & PASTE! However, the pour some rain on this project, projecting that Apple may not approve the App. 

If Apple does not approve the App, then they need to get off their high horse and get it added to the new 2.1 OS. 

In other App related thoughts,  I have downloaded some new content & will start rating them using the Apple Store 5 star format.

– Labyrinth LE — a good little game. LE stands for Lite Edition and it is free. The full version ($6.99) I have not bought yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. The LE makes very good use of the accelerometer and is very fun. 4 Stars

– More Cowbell – FREE – cute app, complete with what sounds like Christopher Walken’s voice. It does not do much besides playing a cowbell — if you like the SNL skit, download it. 4 stars.

– BubbleWrap – FREE again, but not really worth the download. It is fun for about 2 minutes and then I ahve never used it again. 3 stars.

– PageOnce — FREE again — stores all your important information in a cloud so you can access it at any time. I have installed it and played around with it a little, but have not used it to its full extent. Security worrywarts need not apply. A provisional 4 stars.

– reQall — Free again, and again, security worrywarts need not apply. This app will record your voice, send to to reQall and the service transcribes your voice note and stores it on their website and sends it back to your phone. I again have not used it to its full extent. A provisional 4 stars. 

– HoldEm — Apple’s poker app & it is very good. Supports wifi play with people in the same room (but if you had people in the same room that wanted to play poker, why would you do it on your iPhone?), but the single player mode is robust. The AI is pretty good, but I think advanced poker players will breeze through it. $4.99 is a good price point. 5 stars.

That’s all for now! Till next time!

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Computers – iPhone 3G – I got mine! — Do you want one more quickly?

My iPhone 3G finally came in today. After waiting 11 days after ordering it at my local AT&T store, the phone finally came in. After backing everything up, cleaning off the old phone and restoring to the new phone (which, BTW — if you have a lot of apps, will take a LOOOONNNGGG time — it took me approximately two hours), the 3G is good to go. I have only played around with it for about 15 minutes, but the GPS works as advertised. We are having the company we use for IT issues come in on Wednesday to setup Exchange for a couple of computers and they will set my iPhone also. I plan on reporting on my experience with that later.

But now the exciting news. While getting my new phone activated, two guys came in for their pre-ordered phones. In chatting with them, they had just ordered them two days ago and they were already in! I talked with the AT&T rep about how they got one so quickly (after all, I had to wait a whole eleven days!) and she said that the WHITE 3G iPhones were coming in more quickly than the black. The black are on a 10-14 day backorder, but they have been receiving the white ones 2-3 days after ordering. So, if you don’t care about the color and want to get one a little quicker, order the white.

Also, if you think this is just happening in small cities, I live in Evansville. The MSA for this area is the 140th ranked MSA in the country, between Fayetteville, NC and Ann Arbor, MI — not the biggest MSA in the country, but definitely not po-dunk country!

Till next time!

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