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Trapshooting – Why not read the rule book?

So, I frequent a web board called As some of you might know, my main hobby/sport is trapshooting and I am currently the President of the Indiana Trapshooters Association

On to my rant. I don’t think I know of any other sport that I have ever participated in where the participants have such an utter lack of knowledge of the rules. Today alone, I responded to two posts about rule questions that are clearly spelled out in the Amateur Trapshooting Association‘s rule book. Heck, even the sport’s publication, Trap & Field, publishes a monthly column talking about 1-3 rules and the situations that can arise from them. 

Why doesn’t anyone take the time to familiarize themselves with the rule book? I would understand if it was tough to get, but each shooter receives a copy when they become a member and it is readily available on the ATA’s website. Is it just apathy or lack of time? Who knows, but it sure is frustrating that a high percentage of our participants don’t know the rules of the sport that they are taking part in. Oh well…..

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Computers – iPhone Cut & Paste on the way? And other apps…

According to cNet’s iPhone AppRoll, the developer Proximi has developed MagicPad, which they tout as the first rich text editor for the iPhone. It will have, among other things, multiple fonts, different font sizes, underlining and CUT & PASTE! However, the pour some rain on this project, projecting that Apple may not approve the App. 

If Apple does not approve the App, then they need to get off their high horse and get it added to the new 2.1 OS. 

In other App related thoughts,  I have downloaded some new content & will start rating them using the Apple Store 5 star format.

– Labyrinth LE — a good little game. LE stands for Lite Edition and it is free. The full version ($6.99) I have not bought yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. The LE makes very good use of the accelerometer and is very fun. 4 Stars

– More Cowbell – FREE – cute app, complete with what sounds like Christopher Walken’s voice. It does not do much besides playing a cowbell — if you like the SNL skit, download it. 4 stars.

– BubbleWrap – FREE again, but not really worth the download. It is fun for about 2 minutes and then I ahve never used it again. 3 stars.

– PageOnce — FREE again — stores all your important information in a cloud so you can access it at any time. I have installed it and played around with it a little, but have not used it to its full extent. Security worrywarts need not apply. A provisional 4 stars.

– reQall — Free again, and again, security worrywarts need not apply. This app will record your voice, send to to reQall and the service transcribes your voice note and stores it on their website and sends it back to your phone. I again have not used it to its full extent. A provisional 4 stars. 

– HoldEm — Apple’s poker app & it is very good. Supports wifi play with people in the same room (but if you had people in the same room that wanted to play poker, why would you do it on your iPhone?), but the single player mode is robust. The AI is pretty good, but I think advanced poker players will breeze through it. $4.99 is a good price point. 5 stars.

That’s all for now! Till next time!

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Computers – iPhone 3G – I got mine! — Do you want one more quickly?

My iPhone 3G finally came in today. After waiting 11 days after ordering it at my local AT&T store, the phone finally came in. After backing everything up, cleaning off the old phone and restoring to the new phone (which, BTW — if you have a lot of apps, will take a LOOOONNNGGG time — it took me approximately two hours), the 3G is good to go. I have only played around with it for about 15 minutes, but the GPS works as advertised. We are having the company we use for IT issues come in on Wednesday to setup Exchange for a couple of computers and they will set my iPhone also. I plan on reporting on my experience with that later.

But now the exciting news. While getting my new phone activated, two guys came in for their pre-ordered phones. In chatting with them, they had just ordered them two days ago and they were already in! I talked with the AT&T rep about how they got one so quickly (after all, I had to wait a whole eleven days!) and she said that the WHITE 3G iPhones were coming in more quickly than the black. The black are on a 10-14 day backorder, but they have been receiving the white ones 2-3 days after ordering. So, if you don’t care about the color and want to get one a little quicker, order the white.

Also, if you think this is just happening in small cities, I live in Evansville. The MSA for this area is the 140th ranked MSA in the country, between Fayetteville, NC and Ann Arbor, MI — not the biggest MSA in the country, but definitely not po-dunk country!

Till next time!

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Sports — good news for Purdue’s B-Ball team

Hot on the heels of being ranked the the 29th most prestigious men’s basketball program (Thanks Gene and the Big Dog!) out of 300 teams over the last 24 years, Andy Katz’s article from has new pre-season poll (should it be pre-pre-season? — but he had a poll the day after the end of the tourney — does that make it the PRE-pre-pre-season poll) ranking Purdue as #10 (a slip from #8 on April 9th) and first in the Big Ten. It looks like Andy’s is putting a lot of stock in the departure of Scott Martin, even though he only averaged 22 minutes a game, 8.5 points per game & 3.8 rebounds per game. Andy forgets that Scott left the team briefly not once, but twice during the 2007-08 campaign and that he probably served as more of a distraction to the Boilermaker squad than what he really could of been. Scott was in reality the #6 man on the squad and was looking down the barrel of riding even more pine in the 2008-09 season with the arrival of Lewis Jackson and Ryne Smith (both top 150 players), I say good riddance to Scott.

Staring off the tradition from my old blog — my bold prediction for Purdue for the 08-09 season, well I have a couple: #1 in the Big Ten, #5 in the country, a #2 seed in the tourney (obviously) and advancement to the Elite 8. I think they finish the season with 5 losses — that prediction will change once the final schedules are announced. The 09-10 season will be REALLY fun…

Till Next Time!

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Computers – Using worpress iPhone app

I am in the waiting room for my follow-up appointment following my ICL surgery, I decided to try out the new wordpress app. It looks and feels pretty good, but without the sideways keyboard, it is pretty obvious that authoring long posts would not be very effiecient. I would also like a spellcheck, but I guess I sholud just learn how to spell. So of the other shortcomings are posted on approll (see link to the right), but for quick posts, this app looks like it has some promise.

I am adding a photo from my iPhone to see how the picture function works on this app. This is an example of the screen capture function on the 2.0 update.

Till next time!


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Health — Does the FDA think that the FDA is broken?

For those of you that know me or know the work that I do, you know that I am no fan of the FDA. Hot on the heels of the information that another FDA approved drug does NOT work for what it is prescribed AND possibly could increase the risk of cancer, one of my colleagues has found a document on the FDA website talking about the agency’s shortcomings.

Larry Frieders of The Compounder Custom Compounding Lab of Auroa, IL posted this to his site. Within the page he has a link to a document produced by the FDA’s Subcommitte on Science and Technology. In the document, the subcomitte points our glaring defiences within the FDA, with issues ranging from the FDA not receiving enough funding to operate to finding that the FDA’s “scientific base had eroded and its scientific organizational structre is weak.”

I have had only a chance to glance over the executive summary of the report, but it appears to be a pretty damning piece from within the FDA. Take a look at it and tell me what you think….

Till next time!

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Computers: WordPress iPhone App!!!! & another App Review site

Well, that was quick — wordpress released it’s iPhone App today. Read more about it here… Once I get to playing around with it, I plan on putting up a quick review.

It looks like iPhone Atlas is getting a little more active — as is iPhone Approll… I am adding links to them over on the right side of the page. Also, I had not mentioned it before, but I did post a link to the site over to the right — macworld had some pretty decent reviews of the iPhone Apps, but you have to dig a little to get to them. The link will take you straight to the App review area.

Also, I had my second ICL procedure done today — more on that in a bit.

Till next time!

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