Sports — good news for Purdue’s B-Ball team

July 25, 2008 at 2:43 am Leave a comment

Hot on the heels of being ranked the the 29th most prestigious men’s basketball program (Thanks Gene and the Big Dog!) out of 300 teams over the last 24 years, Andy Katz’s article from has new pre-season poll (should it be pre-pre-season? — but he had a poll the day after the end of the tourney — does that make it the PRE-pre-pre-season poll) ranking Purdue as #10 (a slip from #8 on April 9th) and first in the Big Ten. It looks like Andy’s is putting a lot of stock in the departure of Scott Martin, even though he only averaged 22 minutes a game, 8.5 points per game & 3.8 rebounds per game. Andy forgets that Scott left the team briefly not once, but twice during the 2007-08 campaign and that he probably served as more of a distraction to the Boilermaker squad than what he really could of been. Scott was in reality the #6 man on the squad and was looking down the barrel of riding even more pine in the 2008-09 season with the arrival of Lewis Jackson and Ryne Smith (both top 150 players), I say good riddance to Scott.

Staring off the tradition from my old blog — my bold prediction for Purdue for the 08-09 season, well I have a couple: #1 in the Big Ten, #5 in the country, a #2 seed in the tourney (obviously) and advancement to the Elite 8. I think they finish the season with 5 losses — that prediction will change once the final schedules are announced. The 09-10 season will be REALLY fun…

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