Computers – iPhone 3G – I got mine! — Do you want one more quickly?

July 26, 2008 at 2:36 am Leave a comment

My iPhone 3G finally came in today. After waiting 11 days after ordering it at my local AT&T store, the phone finally came in. After backing everything up, cleaning off the old phone and restoring to the new phone (which, BTW — if you have a lot of apps, will take a LOOOONNNGGG time — it took me approximately two hours), the 3G is good to go. I have only played around with it for about 15 minutes, but the GPS works as advertised. We are having the company we use for IT issues come in on Wednesday to setup Exchange for a couple of computers and they will set my iPhone also. I plan on reporting on my experience with that later.

But now the exciting news. While getting my new phone activated, two guys came in for their pre-ordered phones. In chatting with them, they had just ordered them two days ago and they were already in! I talked with the AT&T rep about how they got one so quickly (after all, I had to wait a whole eleven days!) and she said that the WHITE 3G iPhones were coming in more quickly than the black. The black are on a 10-14 day backorder, but they have been receiving the white ones 2-3 days after ordering. So, if you don’t care about the color and want to get one a little quicker, order the white.

Also, if you think this is just happening in small cities, I live in Evansville. The MSA for this area is the 140th ranked MSA in the country, between Fayetteville, NC and Ann Arbor, MI — not the biggest MSA in the country, but definitely not po-dunk country!

Till next time!


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