Computers – iPhone Cut & Paste on the way? And other apps…

July 29, 2008 at 3:22 am Leave a comment

According to cNet’s iPhone AppRoll, the developer Proximi has developed MagicPad, which they tout as the first rich text editor for the iPhone. It will have, among other things, multiple fonts, different font sizes, underlining and CUT & PASTE! However, the pour some rain on this project, projecting that Apple may not approve the App. 

If Apple does not approve the App, then they need to get off their high horse and get it added to the new 2.1 OS. 

In other App related thoughts,  I have downloaded some new content & will start rating them using the Apple Store 5 star format.

– Labyrinth LE — a good little game. LE stands for Lite Edition and it is free. The full version ($6.99) I have not bought yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. The LE makes very good use of the accelerometer and is very fun. 4 Stars

– More Cowbell – FREE – cute app, complete with what sounds like Christopher Walken’s voice. It does not do much besides playing a cowbell — if you like the SNL skit, download it. 4 stars.

– BubbleWrap – FREE again, but not really worth the download. It is fun for about 2 minutes and then I ahve never used it again. 3 stars.

– PageOnce — FREE again — stores all your important information in a cloud so you can access it at any time. I have installed it and played around with it a little, but have not used it to its full extent. Security worrywarts need not apply. A provisional 4 stars.

– reQall — Free again, and again, security worrywarts need not apply. This app will record your voice, send to to reQall and the service transcribes your voice note and stores it on their website and sends it back to your phone. I again have not used it to its full extent. A provisional 4 stars. 

– HoldEm — Apple’s poker app & it is very good. Supports wifi play with people in the same room (but if you had people in the same room that wanted to play poker, why would you do it on your iPhone?), but the single player mode is robust. The AI is pretty good, but I think advanced poker players will breeze through it. $4.99 is a good price point. 5 stars.

That’s all for now! Till next time!


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