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LOLcats…. some of my favs

more cat pictures

more cat pictures

more cat pictures


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Health — My weight loss success

As most of friends and employees know, I embarked on a lifestyle change around the beginning of February. Over the past 10 years or so, I had moved to the 300 lb range in weight. After the birth of first child, the wieght became more of a concern to me (and my wife) and we tried several different things to try to lose weight. Nothing really worked for me — I would lose 5-10 pounds, only to gain it back in two to three months.

I had always been against weight watchers, nutrisystem, etc — any “program” that required going to meeting or buying food. I knew many people who had failed on the “meeting” type programs and I alwyas thought buying food meant having to eat cardboard. Then we found out that you could buy some NutriSystem food ala carte. So, we both bought a day’s worth of food to try it out. To our surprise, the food was pretty decent. Not gourmet by any means, but pretty solid food. My wife and I both signed on at the end of January and started in February. Everything that you see on the ads is true — it does cost around $10 a day (sometimes up to $13-14 per day) and you will need to still buy milk, fruit, lettuce, etc. But the two things I like about the system is: 1) It teaches you portion control and 2) It gets you into the habit of eating the smaller portion 5-6 times per day.

Long story short, in less than 6 months, I am down to 250 pounds. Officially, I have lost 45 pounds (I was 295 the day before we started), but I know I was above the 300 mark at various times before that. I have deviated from the diet here and there (we still go out to eat about once a week and when I am away shooting, I try (usually unsuccessfully) to stay on the diet), but I am still having success.

If you are looking to try to lose weight, I fully recommend this program. Like I said, you can order a day’s worth of food to try it out and see if you like it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Till next time…..


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Sports – British Open Day 4

Boy was I wrong… Right now, Padrig is playing 18 and barring a Jean Van de Velde melt down, he is going to win. He has 4 strokes on Ian Poulter at this point — congrats to Padrig on defending your title from last year and playing it with a sore wrist.

As for Jeff Overton, well, today was not good — a little disappointing shooting +9 today, but still — he made the cut in his first major. That ain’t bad. Scary thing was, if he could have pulled even par today, he would have ended up around a T8. Ben Curtis had a little blow up with +5, but still goes home with a top 10 finish. 

Here is the count of top 125 palyers coming into the Open that finished behind Jeff (including cuts)…

1-30: 1 + 9 missed cut = 10

31-125: 1 + 14 missed cut = 15

So, 25 of the top 125 in the world fell behind Jeff or MC’d… not a bad week Jeff! Keep your head up!


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Computers: Update on iPhone App Reviews

So, this AM, I decided to do another (what I thought was going to be) fruitless google search for iPhone App Reviews. Either I get cNet’s AppRoll or iPhoneAtlas links (which, I am exteremely dissapointed with… come on cNet — Apple sold 1 MILLION 3G iPhones in 2 days — there are a lot of users out there) which are updated, at best, once a day. OR, you get links to jailbreak apps, which I am really not interested in, fearing I will turn my iPhone into a brick.

But, I tripped over something promising… applegazette is promising App reviews sometime in the next two weeks and is requesting ideas to review. The author did not want to do quick posts of apps only giving a one paragraph review of the app — and so far, he has gotten around to doing a couple. The only problem I can see with this site is having to hunt for the reviews, but I have found a couple….

New iPhone Apps – July 15th

Super Monkey Ball – July 15th

New iPhone Apps – July 16th

AOL Radio – July 16th

New iPhone Apps – July 17th

New iPhone Apps – July 18th

Facebook for iPhone – July 18th

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Sports – 2008 British Open Day 3

So, I had to spend some time in the office this AM and had the Open on in the background. I am impressed with what Greg Norman has done so far, but if the announcers continue to fawn over him for 6 hours tomorrow, I will yak. Yes, he could be oldest major winner ever (psst… Mike Tirico — here is a head up – if the dude becomes the oldest to ever win a major, then it is a given that he would be the oldest to win the Open). Yes, he got married a month ago. But the guy HAS won this tournament before. Also, if he pulls this off, he will be the FIFTH man to win the same major in three different decades.

I want to give some props to a local boy — Jeff Overton. Of course, the local paper is not giving him his due. The North High grad (hey, I went there too!) JUST qualified for the Open two week earlier with Top 10 at the AT&T. He is playing in his first major EVER — AND made the cut. He is currently tied for 35th, so he really has no chance of winning, but take a look at the some of the names below him: Els, Phil, Craig Perry, Lee Westwood, Justin Rose and guys that were cut: Stewart Cink, Geoff Ogilvy, Vijay Singh, Charles Howell III and Rory Sabbatini. Look out for this kid over the next five years. He has had a slow and steady improvement since he turned pro 3 years ago and has already earned $382,267 this year – and this week will definitely add to that total. He qualified for the FedEx Cup last year and is currently in 134th place. My bold prediction? He will be at least T30 and possibly T25 at the end of the day tomorrow.

My prediction to win. I will give you two: Greg (hey, he’s won this thing twice before) or (and this will require an Augusta like meltdown by the Shark) Ben Curtis.


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Computers – iPhone App Review Site

Nice to see that my little blog is getting some hits… so I will throw this out there: anyone know of a good review site for iPhone Apps? I mean, outside iTunes and the asinine user reviews… they are basically worthless. Please add a comment below with your sites.

Outside that, I am starting to get a couple of the bugs that people have been talking about. Nothing major — a shut down and start up usually takes care of the problem.

One new thing I really like that I found on cnet… iPhone Screen shots — from anywhere in iPhone!

To get a screen shot, simply press the home button and the power button at the same time. The screen will white out momentarily and the image is saved to photos section.

Pretty cool, eh?

Till next time…


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Computers – iPhone 2.0, 3G

So, it has been a while. My apologies. Trying to get this thing kick started back up again – here goes…

One quick change — I will start all posts with the category of the discussion of the post. Hopefully, I will have many people visiting this blog from all different avenues of my interests (pharmacy, technology, trapshooting, sports, etc) and I want to make it as easy as possible to see what the post will be about.

Moving on to the new iPhone stuff — my last post was about my excitement over the announcement of the SDK of the iPhone. Well, it is finally here…. I have my new 3G iPhone on order, but I have upgraded the old phone to the 2.0 OS. One word to describe this – impressive, based on the AppStore alone. Sure, the new 3G and 2.0 are still missing some stuff (cut and paste, MMS, sending text to multiple people at one time) but looking at the strength of the AppStore, I have a suspicion that either Apple or a third party will take care of these problems.

The introduction of AppStore had opened up all new avenues for iPhone usage. With over 500 applications available upon launch, there is a little something for everyone out there. As a not-so-proud owner of smartphones using Palm OS and Windows Mobile, the installation of applications using the AppStore is the easiest thing I have ever experienced. And, as of right now, I have not noticed any noticeable change in performance of the phone. Here is what I have installed so far and some quick impressions of each application…

Monkey Ball – one of the apps touted at the prelaunch event in June. It lives up to the billing and promise from that conference. Well worth the price, albeit a little difficult at first learning the controls

Epocrates RX – a must have for all health care professionals and best of all, it is free! Instant access to any and all drugs ranging from drug name, dosing information, side effects, drug interactions, etc. It even has images of the medications. Very cool. At Bat — so what that this came out right around the All-Star break when MLB is basically on vaca. A very nice clean app to check scores and view clips from the game. Obviously, works best on wifi for the clips (again, no 3G for me yet) but gives very good at-a-glance in-game info from score (by inning) with runs, hits, and errors, current pitcher, current batter and men on base. For $4.99, I think it is a good buy.

PhoneSaber — change your iPhone into a lightsaber — fun little app

Evernote — if you don’t already have this free app, why don’t you. Seamlessly keep notes on your phone, computer and Internet. All synchronize with each other. Even works cross platform — I use a Mac at home, Windows at work, and the iPhone. All sync seamlessly. A++++

Light — turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Nice when in dark places and you need a little extra light.

iPint — free app, so why not download — silly little app slide a beer across a bar and drink it.

SportsTap — I have not used this much, but keep track of scores from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR, F1, IndyCar, AFL, PGA, ATP, MLS, Premier League and UEFA all in one all. A little slow to respond and the MLB only show scores, but overall the app has promise.

ShoZu – downloaded, not used yet.

iYardage – nice little app for tracking golf scores. Not used yet in a round, but a clean app so far.

BubbleBash — highly addictive app — very fun – A+ recommended download.

Putt Putt Touch – not a bad miniature golf game, but a little tough to use. Not recommended until they clean it up a little and/or introduce more courses.

Tap Tap Revenge — Guitar Hero for iPhone is the best way to describe this one. Not a bad app and the two player mode looks interesting, but I have not been able to use it. More songs would be a plus and an update has just been released. I will play around with it a little more and post later.

That’s what I have for now. Hopefully, I will post a little more on each app and my experiences with the 3G once I get it.

Until next time – always remember: what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger…


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