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Trapshooting – Why not read the rule book?

So, I frequent a web board called As some of you might know, my main hobby/sport is trapshooting and I am currently the President of the Indiana Trapshooters Association

On to my rant. I don’t think I know of any other sport that I have ever participated in where the participants have such an utter lack of knowledge of the rules. Today alone, I responded to two posts about rule questions that are clearly spelled out in the Amateur Trapshooting Association‘s rule book. Heck, even the sport’s publication, Trap & Field, publishes a monthly column talking about 1-3 rules and the situations that can arise from them. 

Why doesn’t anyone take the time to familiarize themselves with the rule book? I would understand if it was tough to get, but each shooter receives a copy when they become a member and it is readily available on the ATA’s website. Is it just apathy or lack of time? Who knows, but it sure is frustrating that a high percentage of our participants don’t know the rules of the sport that they are taking part in. Oh well…..

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